The Alaska Schutzhund Club - About Us

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Training Hours and Locations

From May until October, the Alaska Schutzhund Club trains at the Hundeplatz Field located at Kincaid Park as well as various tracking fields in the MatSu Valley. During the Winter months we normally rent indoor space to train. Contact a club member for times and directions.

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Number of Members

We try to limit the number of members in the club to about 15 human members at any time to make the length of each training session and the number of dogs the helper(s) have to work reasonable.

Membership Process

If you are interested in joining the club, we first invite you to come to a training session to meet the members and to see how we conduct our training. This is especially important if you are new to the sport.

If after the initial visit there is an interest in trying it out we invite prospective members to attend 4-6 club training sessions with their dog at $ 10.00 per session. There is no charge for simply observing.

Application for Affiliate Membership

If after these training sessions you are still interested in joining, you can apply for affiliate membership. There is a link below to the membership application form.

The dues are currently $25.00 per month. An additional annual fee of $ 100.00 is due at the time the affiliate membership application is accepted. The dues and fees cover the costs associated with insurance, renting training areas, conducting trials and buying training equipment. An affiliate member enjoys all the benefits of club membership with the exception of voting rights.

An affiliate member can be voted in as a full member after one year as an affiliate member. A ¾ majority vote of the full members is needed. Full members have voting rights.

Tracking Critique

Is Schutzhund For You?

If you are not familiar with the sport it is important to know that Schutzhund is a fun and rewarding sport for you and your canine companion(s) but is very time consuming. It takes time and dedication to train and succeed in all three phases of the sport: Tracking, Obedience, and Protection.

Training a dog from scratch to a Schutzhund 3 title can take 3-4 years depending on the amount of time dedicated to training, the skills of the handler, and the temperament and workability of the dog. Few dogs excel in all three phases of the sport without a fair amount of problem solving. The sport requires patience and sportsmanship. We expect our members to help one another with training issues. We expect everyone to pitch in with any tasks that need to be done such as trial preparation and execution. We expect our members to treat their dogs fairly and respect other club members, trainers and judges. Abusive training methods will not be tolerated.

We will make an honest assessment of your dog during the invitational sessions and tell you whether your dog is suited for the sport. Protection work is not for dogs with weak nerves or dogs with very low drive. This does not mean that you have a bad dog, it just means that he/she is not suitable for this activity.

Since membership is limited we prefer to keep the membership slots open to dog handlers that are serious about setting goals and achieving Schutzhund titles. The membership as a whole invests a lot of time and energy helping one another succeed in obtaining various level Schutzhund titles that range in difficulty from a beginning title of BH to the highest level of difficulty - a Schutzhund 3.

Guests who are interested in attending a Schutzhund training should contact a member with any questions or to arrange for a training session visit. Please read our Guest Pamphlet covering guidelines and etiquette for guests interested in our club. We are happy to welcome those who share our passion for the sport. This link will take you to a Membership Application.

*The Alaska Schutzhund Club is not accepting any new member applications at this time (updated July 2013)

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