The Alaska Schutzhund Club - Member Info

Stuart Green

President: Stuart Green

Stuart ("Stu" or "Stewie" as some of us like to call him) currently works Chevas, a fiesty female that also serves Stu in several other working capacities. Stu has worked hard to learn helper work and was able to work his first trial in the summer of 2013. Stu and Chevas earned their BH during the summer of 2014.

Patricia Stuart

Vice President: Patricia Stuart

Patricia is one of the founding club members and has been involved in Schutzhund since the early 90’s. Her first Schutzhund dog was a female Rottie, “Tisha”, that she titled in Advanced Tracking-FH, actually ran with her for the AD endurance test of 12.5 miles and completed a basic obedience title BH. Her next dog was a male Rottie, Jager-Banta’s Vom Hertener Wappen that she titled to a SchHIII. Her next two Schutzhund dogs were male GSD’s. Patricia is currently working a female GSD, Worthy’s Quedesh aka “Que” and you can find the two of them out tracking rain or shine.

Jessie Alloway

Secretary: Jessie Alloway

Jessie and her husband Chris joined the club during the summer of 2012. They were new to the sport, but quickly became addicted. Jessie works Champer, a female with lots of drive and plenty to say. They earned their BH and IPO1 during the summer of 2014. Jessie is also working hard to become a helper, something she enjoys very much.

Chris Alloway

Treasurer: Chris Alloway

After participating in the club for over a year without a dog of his own, Chris finally has his own prospect, a belgian malinois named Nimitz. Chris is also known among the club members for his videoing capabilities and he is beginning to learn helper work.

Chris Thompson

Training Director: Chris Thompson

Chris has been involved with Schutzhund since some time way back in the 1900's and has been with the Alaska Schutzhund Club since its inception. He is the club's primary helper and training director. Chris and his dog Faruk have earned the IPO3 title multiple times with a high score of ***! Faruk is now officially retired and Chris is focusing on his a young dog named Echo. They earned their BH during the summer of 2014

Liv Froholm

Liv Froholm

Liv has been involved in schutzhund since 1992. She is one of the founding members of the Alaska Schutzhund Club. She received a BH with her GSD Maxiums this summer. She has previously achieved a BH on her first GSD Alex, and IPO3 titles on 4 dogs: Ivan, Nicko, Tasha, and Arec. All HOT dogs. Maximus is her first BHOT dog. Pictured here with Tasha and Nicko.

Shelley Moser

Shelley Moser

Shelley has come a long way since joining the sport and is always looking for ways to learn and develop her skills as a handler. She started out with fiesty Thora, a female GSD that earned a BH. Shelley now works Thora primarily in nose detection work and they are a great team. As for Schutzhund, Shelley is focusing on training Dasko. He is a beast with a wonderful temperament that will hopefully take Shelley far in competition. Dasko and Shelley earned their BH and IPO1 in 2014.